AfroQueens Recording Camp

We are glad to announce that we are set to debut our maiden ‘AfroQueens’ recording camp. Set in Lagos, Nigeria. The recording camp is poised to be a knowledge-exchange arena where budding female musicians and producers come together to share insight and resources, as well as create a vibrant extended play (EP) that spotlights the prowess of Africa’s rising songbirds.

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The AfroQueens recording camp would be held on 29th August 2023. It would be preluded by a songwriting, singing and beat production challenge where a total of 12 winners – four singers, four songwriters and four producers – would emerge.

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Guidelines/General Information

For the songwriters, the following guidelines are expedient after downloading the beat:

  1. Ensure your song is original to you (plagiarism is highly discouraged). The theme of the song must be in line with the IWD theme for 2023.
  2. All songs can be written in any language of your choice. However, provide full English translations to the lyrics for songs not written in English language.
  3. All songs must be a maximum of 180 seconds and a minimum of 120 seconds.
  4. Ensure the song is solely written by you. Co-written songs would be disqualified.
  5. You are permitted to record the song with another person’s vocals. However, the vocals must be recorded by a female, and such person is automatically disenfranchised from participating in the competition.
  6. Should you not be selected among the finalists, you have all rights to the material submitted, and it can be reused for other competitions deemed fit by you. AfroQueens project reserves no right to your intellectual property, if the song was not selected.
  7. You are to make a video of yourself or your preferred vocalist (as explained in 5) singing the song on your Instagram, Twitter and TikTok accounts. All posts must be hashtaged with #AfroQueensvoll1 and #Afrolitrecordingcampvol1 and tag @officialafrolit on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Entrants with successful registrations would be reposted on all Afrolit’s social platforms. Ensure you are following these platforms. Also ensure that you indicate the purpose of your submission ‘Songwriting/Beat making/Singing’.
  8. All reposted entries would start to amass liked and comments, and the top 30 videos with the most engagement would be selected and announced.
  9. Also note to download the legal document binding all partners and contestants which is attached below

Afroqueen Terms and Condition

For the beat producers

  1. All guidelines involving submissions will be maintained.
  2. The beat producers are required to make a cover video for the beats and not post only the instrumental.
  3. All beats also must be made solely by you. All co-produced material would be rendered null and void. Also, the produced work must not have been sold, purchased or reproduced during the selection process of this project.
  4. The Theme of the song must be in line with the IWD theme for 2023.

For the singers

  1. All guidelines involving submissions will be maintained. However,
  2. The singers are expected to be the sole vocalists of their applications.
  3. You are allowed to use songwriters, but the status quo on their eligibility still stands. They would be disenfranchised from this competition, but duly attributed for their work, should it be successful.