”A Beautiful Day” singer, Jermaine Edwards, bags huge recording deal

We have all heard the viral song “A Beautiful Day” on different social Media platforms sang by a very young boy and we’ve enjoyed and celebrated with it. It gave us a calm demeanor for the day we’re about to face.

Jermaine Edwards, the Jamaican gospel singer who originally sang that song has now signed a huge recording deal with Sony Music UK and many are celebrating with him.

Years after it’s release, the singer, through his social media reacted to his latest achievement because of that song and has said that the young boy would be a huge part of this new phase of his success

His post on social media read:

This was bigger than my team and lawyers. Thanks to @sonymusicuk for giving us the deal we wanted. I have never seen so many texts, emails, and phone calls from Major labels in my whole life. I was so scared I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t know what to do. While many people were using Rushawn, my melody and lyrics, selling it online and no respect.
I fought for my intellectual property, and in return, I fought for Rushawn.
The same way his voice was tied to my lyrics and melody. He is now the little brother or son I never had.
Thank God for this weird moment that not even labels could understand what is happening.

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