So$e releases a new single titled ‘No More’.

No More’ is midtempo tune, characterized by a sombre tone, as So$e finds – or aims to find – anescape from toxic relationship and coming-of-age issues. These struggles emanate from his new found strength and clarity, as a young man navigating the turbulent nature of life. The song will particularly resonate with young adults, who seem to use something else as escapism, they can just rise up like So$e and say, “No more” to those issues. Unlike a lot of others, So$e realizes the destructive tendencies of certain coping mechanisms, and instead chooses positive affirmation.
On what represents his debut single, this Benin indigene uses the beat as his therapy. He sings from his heart and uses his silky vocals to discuss uncertainty in life, love and relationships.
The song is also meant to be aspirational, for any ‘Ebenezer,’ who aims to find his ‘Elysium’ after a ‘Eureka.’

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