Lindsey Abudei releases new EP called “Kaleidoscope”

The headies 2020-nominated single “One On The Outside” singer, Lindsey Abudei announces her new EP, “Kaleidoscope” which will be after her five-year break since the release of “…And The Bass Is Queen” album.

The EP is produced by Lindsey Abudei herself as well as a new collaboration, BigFoot(inyourface). It captures the artiste as she explores a new genre like classical, electronic. The EP develops into a genre of R&B.

The musician wrote “I wrote and recorded ‘Kaleidoscope’ in the middle of many emotions, emotions that were a culmination of my last three years. I wade through feelings of doubt, of loss, asking questions about my place, purpose with the hope to find clarity in the muck. The songs in this EP were written as soundscapes and an invitation for collaboration, too.

As an artist curious about exploring multidisciplinary approaches with my music, I’d like to play at intersections of music and other mediums — in film, in movement. I’d also like to hear what others do with what we made.
Each song on this EP (except the intro) has its intermission (my version of interludes). They play like the two sides of a coin.”

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