TurnTable announces the launch of a certification system within Nigeria

Nigeria’s foremost afrobeat charts curator, TurnTable has designed a certification program to celebrate artistic achievements within the Nigerian Marketplace. The certification system is based on on-demand streaming and digital downloads. For on-demand streaming, paid streams weigh higher than ad-supported streams.

At the moment, the certification for single is based on audio streaming and digital downloads.

  1. Silver: 25,000 units
  2. Gold: 50,000 units
  3. Platinum: 100,000 units
    Where 1 unit is 150 streams

For Albums, the certification is based on audio streaming and digital downloads. A title is classified as an ‘album’ if it has more than three singles and/or surpasses a 15-minute runtime.

  1. Silver: 12,500 units
  2. Gold: 25,000 units
  3. Platinum: 50,000 units
    Where 1 unit = 1500 streams

The official application process for the certification will launch on Monday, February 20, 2023. The goal is for this to become entrenched into the Nigerian music community and serve as the foundation for which more rigid and comprehensive systems will be built. TCSN will gradually become a part of an industry-wide association and will continue to collect and celebrate artistic achievement in the country.

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