Yartti’s Latest Single “Ben Dover” Redefines Afrobeats with His Unique “Afroculture” Sound

Afrobeats artist, Yartti has unveiled his latest single, “Ben Dover,” showcasing his unique blend of genres and self-expression. The singer-songwriter has spent years refining his craft and is now confident in his ability to combine various elements from music styles like Highlife, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Reggae into his tracks while adding his vocals.

While Yartti began his career as a music producer, he has since shifted his focus to songwriting and performing. His latest single, “Ben Dover,” exemplifies his musical style, which he calls “Afroculture.” He believes that Afroculture means taking various sound elements from different genres and infusing them into the catchy vibe of Afrobeats.

“Ben Dover” is a track that urges listeners to get up and move their bodies to the beat, with Yartti’s lyrics and vocals providing the perfect motivation. The single’s upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics are poised to attract fans of dance, bounce, and good music worldwide.

With the release of “Ben Dover,” Yartti is ready to take his unique Afroculture sound on a global mission to every corner of the planet.

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