Mr Eazi Launches Choplife Soundsystem, a New Pan-African Music Group

Nigerian music icon and entrepreneur Mr Eazi has recently announced the launch of a new pan-African music group, Choplife Soundsystem. The group will feature UK-based Kenyan-born DJ Edu as its resident DJ, along with a diverse crew of DJs, artists, and producers from across the continent. Mr Eazi will act as the primary vocalist and MC, or “Minister of Enjoyment,” for Choplife Soundsystem’s live events and original recordings.

Inspired by West African pidgin slang, “Choplife” or “Enjoy Life,” and Jamaican music culture’s soundsystem concept, Choplife Soundsystem adds a modern African twist, featuring genres like amapiano and afrobeats to curate the ultimate African party experience. With Choplife Soundsystem, Mr Eazi aims to take the vibe and spirit of his successful Ghana holiday party, Detty Rave, on the road and beyond.

In 2022, Choplife Soundsystem was soft-launched with events in Cotonou, Benin, Stockholm, Sweden, and Kigali, Rwanda. Mr Eazi will be announcing more information about Choplife Soundsystem, including partnerships, new music releases, and live events, later this Spring.

As a music visionary, Mr Eazi hopes to redefine the soundsystem culture by incorporating modern African sounds and styles, bringing a fresh take on this musical concept to the world.

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