Korede Bello and Mr Eazi Preach Contentment in New Single “Jejely”

Nigerian musicians Korede Bello and Mr Eazi have teamed up for a new song titled “Jejely” that preaches the importance of contentment and living a peaceful life. The track combines elements of afrobeats and highlife rhythms, with traditional African sounds mixed with guitar and keyboard to create a beautiful and melodious song.

The chorus of “Jejely” emphasizes the need for individuals to stay in their own lane and focus on their own journey, without worrying about the thoughts or actions of others. Korede Bello’s verses highlight the importance of embracing one’s unique path and not engaging in rivalries or comparisons with others. He also stresses that material possessions and prosperity should not be the primary focus of one’s life, as true happiness comes from within.

Mr Eazi’s lyrics echo Korede Bello’s sentiments, with a focus on building one’s worth in order to live a peaceful and stress-free life. The collaboration between the two musicians showcases their similar no-stress and introspective approach to music, and is a departure from the conventional afrobeats sound that has dominated Nigerian music in recent times.

Produced by Nana Rogues, “Jejely” is a potential hit that combines pleasant vocals, catchy instrumentals, and lyrics that complement the overall feel-good vibe of the track. The song may also signal Korede Bello’s comeback to the Nigerian music scene, where he previously enjoyed tremendous popularity with hits like “Godwin”, “Romantic” featuring Tiwa Savage, and the RIAA gold-certified “Do Like That”.

The message of contentment and focusing on one’s own path in “Jejely” is a timely reminder for listeners to prioritize their own well-being and happiness over external pressures and influences. With this collaboration, Korede Bello and Mr Eazi have delivered a song that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking, and is sure to resonate with fans of their music.

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