Ric Hassani Drops Two New Singles Ahead of Third Album Release.

Nigerian pop-soul artist Ric Hassani has once again captured the attention of music lovers worldwide with the release of two new singles, ‘Amina’ and ‘The One.’ The releases come as the singer-songwriter prepares to launch his highly anticipated third album.

Ric Hassani’s musical ingenuity and versatility are on full display in these tracks, as he seamlessly blends genres and styles from soulful R&B to uplifting Afrobeat while maintaining his unique sound. ‘Amina’ showcases Hassani’s willingness to step out of his comfort zone, experimenting with an Amapiano-infused sound that’s sure to get people moving on the dancefloor. Combining his mellifluous vocals with seductive lyrics and an infectious melody, the track presents a fresh take on Afro-R&B that’s both familiar and new.

Meanwhile, ‘The One’ is poised to be the ultimate summer anthem, set to ignite the festival season in 2023. Hassani’s signature style is on full display, delivering a track that’s both infectious and introspective. It’s the type of song that lingers in your mind long after the final notes have faded away, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating his upcoming album.

In a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria, Ric Hassani revealed that he’s been working on his third album and promised fans that they can expect exciting music. With the release of ‘Amina’ and ‘The One,’ he has already demonstrated his unmatched versatility and creativity, leaving fans eager for more.

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