Victoria Kimani Releases New Single ‘How I Do’ – A Captivating Blend of Afropop and R&B

Victoria Kimani, the renowned African superstar, has returned to the music scene with her latest single titled ‘How I Do’. This highly anticipated release showcases the exceptional talent of the acclaimed singer-songwriter and promises to captivate audiences with its laid-back rhythms and enchanting vocals. With a seamless fusion of Afropop and R&B, Victoria Kimani takes listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey, supported by the skilled production of Kayo Musiq.

‘How I Do’ is a soulful track that beautifully blends the vibrant sounds of Afropop with the smoothness of R&B, resulting in a captivating and memorable musical experience. The collaboration between Victoria Kimani and Kayo Musiq has produced a perfect balance, where the minimalistic production serves as an ideal backdrop, allowing her powerful vocals to shine and deeply engage the listener. The composition not only captures the essence of both genres but also incorporates subtle musical elements that add depth and texture.

Victoria Kimani’s undeniable talent as a vocalist is showcased brilliantly in ‘How I Do’. Her captivating delivery and flawless execution create a soulful masterpiece that demands the audience’s attention from the first note to the last.

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