Khaid Expands Lyrical Brilliance on “Emotions” EP

Rising afro-fusion artist Khaid, shows his unmatched brilliance and avant-garde artistry in his captivating six-track EP Emotions.  The distinctive mix of Khaid’s  Afrobeat rhythms, lyrical melodies, and modern sounds has cemented his status as a pioneer in the Afro-fusion genre. With over 80 million streams across platforms, Khaid is considered an artist to watch.   Emotions  is proof of his limitless musical talent and ingenuity. Each track on Emotions is a painstakingly produced work of art that reflects his commitment to pushing the envelope.   As suggested by the title of his most recent artistic craft, Emotions, Khaid deftly explores a spectrum of many emotions within its confines. This EP,  is a seamless combination of vivacious Afrobeat rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics that will surround you on a voyage through your own emotional terrain. Khaid urges the development of a stronger bond with your deepest emotions by providing an auditory

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