GAMMA Expands to Africa with Larry Gaaga as Vice President for West Africa

The artist-focused multimedia platform, gamma., is expanding its operations to Africa, with Nigeria as its operational headquarters.

gamma. is a platform that prioritizes artists and offers a wide range of creative and business services across various artistic and commercial formats.

While originally headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York, London, Miami, Nashville, and Dubai, the company has now chosen Nigeria as its base in Africa. Nigerian songwriter, recording artist, and music executive Larry Gaaga has been unveiled as the Vice President and General Manager for West Africa.

By selecting Nigeria as its African headquarters instead of the more traditional choice of South Africa, gamma. is acknowledging Nigeria’s leading role in music exports on the continent.

These strategic moves reinforce gamma.’s commitment to nurturing local talents and helping them become global superstars. Larry Gaaga, with his deep understanding of the local music scene and cultural fluency, is seen as a valuable addition to the gamma. team.

In his new role, Larry Gaaga will oversee gamma.’s operations across the entire African continent, providing strategic direction and driving initiatives to support local talent’s success on both domestic and global stages through collaborations and partnerships.

gamma.’s CEO, Larry Jackson, sees Larry Gaaga’s appointment as a significant asset due to his expertise in the local music landscape and his dedication to nurturing talent.

Naomi Campbell, Special Advisor to gamma., who played a pivotal role in forging the partnership with Gaaga, praised his artistic brilliance and welcomed his new role.

Larry Gaaga expressed his honor at becoming the Vice President and General Manager of Africa and his eagerness to contribute to the growth of the continent’s entertainment industry, promote local talent, and showcase the remarkable creativity present in Africa.

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