Vector Returns with Vibrant New Single ‘Gbedu’

Renowned rapper, singer, and songwriter Vector is back with an exciting new single titled ‘Gbedu.’

‘Gbedu’ is a captivating blend of House music, Yoruba, English, and Nigerian Pidgin English, designed to bring forth feelings of nostalgia and joy, celebrating and encapsulating cherished moments.

Vector, a prominent figure in Nigerian Hip Hop, boasts an impressive repertoire of four studio albums, four mixtapes, and two EPs. Since 2016, he has also held the role of creative director and class master for Hennessy VS Class Nigeria.

Notably, his album ‘TESLIM’ received recognition as one of the Best Hip Hop albums of 2022. Additionally, Vector recently launched Lafiaji Radio, a thought-provoking podcast available on CoolFM and YouTube, where he challenges societal norms, initiates discussions on African history and customs, and sparks a reawakening of the African consciousness.

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