Nigerian singer-songwriter NISSI releases new EP ‘Unboxed’

The EP is a showcase of Nissi’s artistic prowess and her commitment to pushing creative limits in the global music world.
The EP promises a musical experience that is both refreshing and emotionally resonant.

‘Heavy’, produced by Telz is the first track on the EP. It is a song that speaks about the love and beauty of friendship. True friendship and people who are loyal and honest, always there for you holding you down, unconditionally loving you. Life would not be the same without them.

Higher’, produced by Kiyagi and Killertunes, is NISSI’s invitation to tap into the inner power we all possess, the bold and fearless side that can achieve anything we set our minds to. NISSI inspires listeners to celebrate their victories and triumphs, by embracing the energy of their potential, and basking in the radiance of their greatness.” It was released on 15th June 2023.
‘Overthinking’, produced by Jay Weathers, is a musical haven where you can break free from the clutches of your incessant thoughts. Let yourself float on a beautiful wave, altering the narrative that holds you captive. It’s a dedication to escaping the mental labyrinth and finding tranquility within.
‘Nobody’ Ft Fireboy DML, is a celebration of the fierce love and loyalty between two people who would defy the world for each other. It’s a testament to the depth of connection that love can foster. It was produced by TSB, Eyes, and Kiyagi and released on 15th September, 2023.
‘Unwind’, produced by Kiyagi, is a call for balance in a whirlwind world. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to take a step back and not feel guilty about it. This song champions the idea of permitting yourself to simply be. Life’s stressors can be overwhelming, but here’s a reminder that finding moments of respite is essential.

‘Thunder’ Ft Teni, produced by Kiyagi and Jay Weathers is a track that embodies self-assuredness, the refusal to shrink in the presence of greatness. It challenges the idea of taking up less space to make room for others to shine. Instead, it’s an anthem for embracing your true self and making your presence known. Let your authenticity roar, shaking the room with your unapologetic stampede.

UNBOXED’ sees NISSI collaborating with elite producers, who have contributed to the EP’s rich and diverse sound. The production seamlessly fuses traditional African rhythms with contemporary elements, creating a musical tapestry that is both innovative and timeless.
‘UNBOXED’ EP was released om Friday, October 6, 2023 and it’s available on all streaming platforms.

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