Blaqbonez and Zlatan link up for ‘Bad Till Eternity’

As the highly anticipated release of Blaqbonez’s third studio album, Emeka Must Shine, inches closer, the Nigerian rapper is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to satiate the appetite of his devoted fan base.
Fresh from the electrifying experience of the 2023 Hennessy Cypher, a showdown that featured some of the industry’s most formidable rappers, including the likes of Vector, Ladipoe, and, of course, Blaqbonez and Zlatan.

In his latest effort, Blaqbonez extends the Hennessey Cypher energy, reigniting the bromance with Zlatan. The fruit of their collaboration is the captivating mid-tempo track titled, Bad Till Eternity. Within the lyrical confines of this song, both rappers artfully unveil a tapestry of their personal experiences and challenges, offering a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the trials and tribulations they have faced, especially within the music industry. In an unequivocal proclamation of their unwavering commitment to success, they boldly assert that they will remain “bad till eternity.”

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