Omah Lay returns with empowering new single ‘Holy Ghost’

The anticipation among fans reached a crescendo when snippets of Omah Lay’s enthralling performance of the unreleased song ‘Holy Ghost’ during his show in Paris surfaced online. The infectious nature of the song, even in its unreleased state, elicited an enthusiastic response from fans who found themselves unable to contain their excitement. The consensus among followers was clear – the track was already sounding like a hit.
Omah Lay, being an artist renowned for his commitment to delivering only exceptional music, recognized the anticipation from the fans. True to his form, he promptly took to Instagram several days ago to make a much-anticipated announcement. In a move that further fueled the anticipation, Omah Lay revealed that he would be gifting his fans with the official release of the captivating song, aptly titled, Holy Ghost.

Today, the wait is finally over, as Omah Lay has releases the brand new single, Holy Ghost. The track stands as Omah Lay’s first offering since the release of the critically acclaimed deluxe edition of his debut album, Boy Alone, a project that housed some of the hit records in his arsenal.

Holy Ghost holds the potential to be a hit in no time. With its infectious beats and alluring melody, the track positions itself as a strong contender to swiftly climb the charts. Omah Lay, with his unique sound and artistic finesse, has solidified his position as one of the proper hitmakers in the Nigerian music scene.

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