Rema says Edo culture inspired the art direction for his O2 Arena concert

Rema’s landmark show has since sparked a reaction from some concertgoers who found his choice of clothing and stage props to carry elements of demonic undertones.

The Nigerian superstar entered the concert riding on a horse while clothed in a black flowing robe and adorned in a red mask. Rema also made a second grand entrance clothed in red and black while riding to the stage on the back of a huge Bat with red eyes.
His fashion choices and stage design reignited conversations of satanism in his artistic interpretations. Rema has previously dismissed these claims while stating that he’s a Christian.

The 23-year-old who is the youngest African to sell out the O2 took to his X (formally Twitter) account to share the inspiration behind the horse and mask he used for his O2 concert.
According to Rema, his decision was inspired by Edo culture whose awe-inspiring arts were carted away by the invading British in 1897 and remain locked up in the London Museum far away from Bini Kingdom where they rightfully belong. The horse he rode in on is synonymous with Edo art while the mask is fashioned after that of the great Edo monarch Queen Idia.
Rema’s imagery has always carried esoteric elements and some fans who are conversant with his avant-garde approach might not ascribe it to dark arts.

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