Jonzing World’s Gdzilla drops eponymous debut EP

After much anticipation, Gdzilla’s latest release unfolds as a dynamic and multifaceted collection of tracks, each showcasing the artist’s undeniable talent and burgeoning promise within the Afrobeat genre.

At the heart of Gdzilla EP lies a profound fusion of traditional Afrobeats rhythms, deeply rooted in the cultural essence of Lagos, and a contemporary twist that crafts a distinctive and captivating soundscape. The carefully woven tapestry creates a journey that resonates with authenticity, bridging the rich heritage of Lagos with modern influences.

Gdzilla’s lyrical narratives dive deep into the tapestry of Lagos State’s heritage, intricately weaving together the threads of his personal experiences while addressing the pressing issues that reverberate within society. This thematic richness adds layers of meaning to each track, elevating the EP beyond a mere compilation to a narrative-driven exploration of culture and consciousness.

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