Tola celebrates 15th year anniversary in the Afrobeats industry

In a grand homecoming that buzzed through the heart of Lagos, UK-based Nigerian Tola Onigbanjo, affectionately hailed as WiseTola, marked an impressive 15-year milestone in the entertainment industry. The celebratory event unfolded at the chic Silk, Lagos, in the upscale neighborhood of Ikoyi, drawing in a constellation of industry stars and enthusiasts eager to honor her remarkable journey. The electrifying evening was spearheaded by the charismatic media-maven Vivian Osagie, known widely as Vien007. With her dynamic energy and masterful rap performances, Vien007 set the stage alight, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that resonated with everyone present.

The event seamlessly blended some networking with heartfelt storytelling, as WiseTola took attendees on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. She recounted her beginnings in Lagos, the city that ignited her passion for nurturing and promoting emerging talents, showcasing the depth of her commitment to the industry’s growth. The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the array of speeches delivered by luminaries such as Bolaji Kareem and Ezegozie Eze Jr of Empire, Bayo Fatoba of The Human Discretion Company and the renowned rapper Illbliss, aptly nicknamed Oga Boss. Each speaker shared personal anecdotes of WiseTola’s profound impact and influence, painting a picture of a visionary whose contributions have shaped the industry.Adding to the evening’s glamour was the presence of artist Tigua, who made a special journey to Lagos and attended the occasion. The event was a veritable who’s who of the music world, with attendees including the esteemed CEO and producer ID Cabasa, Bizzle, Ugo Mordi, and a lineup of artists that read like a roll call of Nigeria’s music next wave: Dice Ailes, Kohdee, Ayo Maff, Genie KG, Zamorra, Shinettw, Runda, Swanky, SlimFeez, TWestt, OBM Carter, JaaySounds, Kola Williams, Dotti, Roozy, Hypa Official, Maro, and the Northsyd dancers, among others.

WiseTola’s 15-year celebration wasn’t just a trip down memory lane; it was a vibrant testament to the enduring power of Afrobeats and its ever-evolving impactful impact. It showcased the unity, creativity, and relentless drive that defines the genre, serving as both a reflection on past achievements and a beacon of inspiration for the future of Afrobeats. As the Lagos night buzzed with energy, it was clear that WiseTola’s influence stretches far beyond the music, embodying the spirit of innovation and resilience that continues to propel Afrobeats onto the world stage.

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