The Africa Centre Announces Strategic Partnership with SMADE Group

Smade Group – Home to SMADE Entertainment and SMADE Lounge welcomes The Africa Centre as its key charitable partner, as part of the three year strategic partnership.

SMADE remarked, “The Africa Centre and its communities have played a part in my 20-year journey as a cultural leader and entrepreneur in the UK. It has a special role in shaping the UK’s understanding and advancing the narrative of the global African. I am excited for this partnership between The Africa Centre and SMADE Group, as we continue to amplify Africa and unite Africans in the Diaspora.”

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the celebration of The Africa Centre’s 60th anniversary and SMADE Group’s pursuit of growth and innovation in Africa’s music, sports, and culture. The partnership between SMADE Group and The Africa Centre aims to reposition The Africa Centre as the custodian of African music heritage in the UK. For the past 60 years, the Centre has been a sanctuary for African artists, providing a platform for talents such as Remmy Ongala, Kanda Bongo Man, The Bhundu Boys, Jazzie B & Soul II Soul, Angelique Kidjo, Sonah Jobarteh, and Baaba Maal. This collaboration will also see SMADE Group, renowned for curating Afrobeats concerts and co-founding Afro Nation events, working with The Africa Centre to enhance awareness of its historical significance and current relevance. Additionally, the partnership underscores shared values in culture, intellectual development, community, education, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The Africa Centre, established in 1964, is a UK-based organization dedicated to promoting and celebrating African culture, heritage, and intellectual development. It has long served as a hub for artistic and cultural expression, providing a platform for African artists and intellectuals.

SMADE Group, the world’s leading events company specializing in contemporary African music, is renowned for its cultural impact through events like Afrobeats concerts and Afro Nation festivals. With a portfolio that includes SMADE Entertainment and SMADE Lounge, the group continues to shape the landscape of African music and culture.

Through this arrangement, The Africa Centre will become SMADE Group’s key charitable partner, delivering a strong social responsibility agenda. Together, they will host events and activities that honor The Africa Centre’s rich 60-year history while envisioning its future for the next six decades.

Upcoming Highlights:

• Mandela Day Commemoration in July

• 90th Birthday Celebration of Wole Soyinka, Africa’s first Nobel Laureate in Literature, in July

•100th Anniversary of Amilcar Cabral

•Special Archival and Art Exhibition showcasing 60 years of The Africa Centre

•Royal Albert Hall Variety Performance in December

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