Ruger releases snippet of unreleased song

The talented musician, Ruger has an illustrious previous year. He released jams that his fans and all who loved music definitely enjoyed. The release of his deluxe version of “Second Wave” which contained hit tracks like “Dior” and “Girlfriend” which listeners couldn’t get enough of. I’m closing the year, he released “Asiwaju” which became the number1 song in 2023 on Apple Music Nigeria. On Wednesday, 11th 2023, the musician released a teaser to a new song on his Instagram and fans took a notice. The dancehall tune as characteristic of Ruger, had the unique touch of his melody and catchy tune. Fans are inferring with the release of this snippet that there is a new release afoot. 2023 began well for the musician, and just as much is expected from him, he is also set to deliver

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