Kenya’s Boutross collaborates with Nigeria’s 1da Banton for a vibrant ‘Angela’ remix.

Boutross, a rising star in the Kenyan music scene, has just released a new track titled “Angela Remix” that showcases his artistic growth and musical versatility. This talented singer-songwriter has been making waves with his unique blend of genres and his ability to create captivating tracks that draw in listeners from all over the world.

The release of “Angela Remix” is a highly anticipated addition to Boutross’s already impressive discography. It is a testament to his dedication to creating high-quality music that resonates with his fans. The new track showcases Boutross’s exceptional vocal skills and features the talents of several award-winning artists, including 1da Banton, Konshens and Juicee Mann.

“Angela Remix” incorporates a range of styles and influences, including hip hop, dancehall, and afrobeats, which Boutross and his collaborators have blended together seamlessly. The result is a fresh and exciting sound that is sure to delight listeners and draw them into Boutross’s musical world.

In the song, Boutross sings about a captivating woman named Angela, who has captured his heart and imagination. The remix features new verses from the guest artists, which add a new layer of depth and complexity to the track. The track is a must-listen for fans of Kenyan and African music, and it is sure to earn Boutross a new legion of fans from around the world.

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