DMW Unveils New Branding and Signs Two New Artists to the Label Roster

DMW, the record label founded by Nigerian music superstar Davido, has recently announced exciting developments as it prepares to launch DMW 2.0. As part of this new phase for the label, DMW has introduced a brand-new identity emblem that reflects the label’s renewed energy and vision. The old caricature of a young Davido with a king’s crown has been replaced with a more powerful and daring visual enhancement that captures the label’s newfound attitude.

But the new branding is just the beginning. DMW has also signed two promising artists to its roster: Logos Olori and Morravey. Both artists come from diverse musical backgrounds and bring a unique perspective to the label.

Morravey is a young singer-songwriter from Port Harcourt, known for her ability to blend Afro sounds with her quintessential vocals. Her music is a fusion of R&B, Afrobeats, and soul, making her one of the industry’s latest revelations. With her distinctive sound and style, Morravey is set to captivate audiences both in Nigeria and around the world.

Logos Olori is another rising star in the Nigerian music scene. With roots in southwestern Nigeria, Logos draws inspiration from his cultural heritage and blends it with modern Afrobeats rhythms to create a unique sound that is all his own. His music is characterized by its infectious beats and catchy hooks, making him a natural fit for DMW.

These two talented artists will be introduced to listeners around the world through Davido’s upcoming album ‘Timeless,’ which is set for release on March 31, 2023. This album promises to be a showcase of the label’s latest talents, as well as a testament to Davido’s enduring influence on the Nigerian music scene.

DMW’s new branding and signing of Logos Olori and Morravey mark an exciting new phase for the label. With fresh energy and talent, DMW is poised to make an even bigger impact on the Nigerian music scene and beyond.

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