King Perryy’s ‘Tight Condition’ hits 1 million Spotify Streams

In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine music distribution, Nigerian dancehall star King Perryy, in partnership with MusicSplit on ArtSplit, has surpassed one million Spotify streams for his latest hit, “Tight Condition.” The track, which features Victony and is taken from the artist’s 2023 EP “Continental Playlist,” has seen King Perryy achieve yet another impressive milestone in his career.

Expressing his gratitude for the accomplishment, the Dancehall King described it as “Blessed.” He also took to social media to celebrate the achievement with his fans and followers, highlighting the significance of reaching such a milestone.

This is not the first time that King Perryy has enjoyed such success on Spotify, with previous hits like “Man On Duty” and “On God” also amassing millions of streams. However, what sets “Tight Condition” apart is that it is the first album to be part of the MusicSplit on the ARTSPLIT platform, a unique initiative that allows fans to invest in the album and earn from the streaming royalties.

King Perryy has also spoken about the process of creating his “Continental Playlist” EP, which he describes as a therapeutic experience. It was during this process that he made the decision to become independent and take charge of his career, a move that he is clearly happy with.

The MusicSplit on ARTSPLIT platform has not only allowed King Perryy to expand his horizons but has also given aspiring creatives a chance to showcase their talents. The social media timeline provided by ARTSPLIT has become known as the “Instagram for creatives” and has attracted a considerable following in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

With one million users currently enjoying “Tight Condition,” it’s clear that King Perryy’s music is resonating with fans worldwide. By embracing new approaches to music distribution and giving fans a chance to invest in his success, he has set an example for other artists to follow.

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