Rising artist Winny releases debut EP

Rising artist Winny, whose real name is Winifred Ohili Adanu, has just unveiled her highly anticipated self-titled debut EP. As a self-titled project, “Winny” is an honest representation of the young artist’s authenticity and self-confidence. Winny is a multi-genre artist who draws inspiration from the likes of Chronixx, Kranium, and Wizkid. She blends reggae, R&B/Soul, and other genres to create a unique sound that showcases her captivating vocals and relatable lyrics.

Although Winny is still at the beginning of her musical career, her goal is to evoke emotions in her listeners and communicate love, compassion, self-awareness, and a sense of belonging through her craft. The EP features production from talented producers such as Damie, John P, and Wodemagic, who have helped bring her vision to life.

In a recent interview, Winny shared that the inspiration behind the EP came from her personal journey and experiences with different relationships. The EP’s message is about acknowledging and highlighting the range of emotions that one feels when in love, including the times when one begins to feel that their love isn’t reciprocated. It also emphasizes the importance of prioritizing self-love and care and never forgetting one’s roots and personal growth.

The EP includes two previously released singles, “Don’t Leave Me” and “Pretty,” which have already made waves in the music industry. “Don’t Leave Me” debuted in the Top 200 of the Apple R&B/Soul Chart in Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, and Gambia, showcasing the raw and distinct edge that Winny brings to her music.

With her self-titled debut EP, Winny is poised to make a name for herself in the music industry and establish herself as an artist to watch. Her unique sound and honest lyrics are sure to resonate with listeners worldwide.

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