Burna Boy Announces Release Date for Highly Anticipated Single “Sitting On Top of The World”

Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy has officially announced the release date for his highly anticipated first single of 2023. The award-winning singer, songwriter, and performer has generated immense excitement with this announcement, leaving fans eager to discover what he has in store for the new year. Burna Boy confirmed that his new single will drop on June 2nd and will feature a sample from Brandy’s chart-topping hit “Sittin’ On Top Of The World.” Additionally, he hinted at another upcoming song, although the official release date has yet to be confirmed.

In another exciting development, Burna Boy is set to headline the first day of the sold-out Afro Nation Festival 2023, scheduled to take place in Detroit, USA. This appearance further solidifies his status as a record-breaker and reinforces his global appeal.

With his upcoming single “Sitting On Top Of The World” incorporating a sample from Brandy’s iconic track, Burna Boy seamlessly blends different musical eras, paying homage to a classic while creating a fresh and captivating sound. Fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating the release of this song, considering Burna Boy’s impressive track record of delivering hit after hit. As the release date draws closer, listeners eagerly await the opportunity to be serenaded by Burna Boy’s unique style and captivating lyrics.

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