Kel-P Drops Energetic Single ‘What Have You Done?’

Grammy-winning Nigerian producer and versatile artist, Kel-P, also known as Kel P Vibes, returns with his latest dance-ready track titled ‘What Have You Done?’

Kel-P has solidified his position as a rising star in the Afrobeat music scene, showcasing his vocal talents alongside his previous successes as an A-list producer, which include a Grammy win and multiple nominations.

His debut EP, ‘Bully Season Vol.1,’ featuring the hit single ‘One More Night,’ has amassed nearly 4 million streams, cementing his popularity among music enthusiasts. With his fresh release, ‘What Have You Done?’, Kel-P affirms his status as the Afrobeat revelation of 2023.

Mixed by Leandro “DRO” Hidalgo and co-produced by The Elements, ‘What Have You Done?’ is an Afro-club single that exudes an infectious energy. Its accompanying music video, set in an underground party in Lisbon, captures the essence of the song, aiming to get us dancing and having a great time. Released through Jones Worldwide and Virgin Music France/Universal Music France, the vibrant visuals perfectly complement the ambitious nature of the project.

Kel-P’s artistic vision revolves around creating music that induces movement and enjoyment. As a multi-platinum star-producer, he surprises audiences with his singing abilities in ‘What Have You Done?’, showcasing his versatility and establishing himself as a complete artist. The high-tempo beats, captivating rhythm, and soulful vocals of the track make it an ideal party anthem, destined to ignite listeners’ desire to hit the dance floor.

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