Teni Teases Fans With Upcoming Single.

Afrobeats sensation, Teni, has sent fans into a frenzy as she unveils a sneak peek of her forthcoming single on social media. Since bursting into the mainstream with her chart-topping hit ‘Askamaya’ in 2018, Teni has solidified her position in Afrobeats, amassing millions of fans and numerous accolades.

After a relatively quiet 2022, Teni made a powerful comeback in 2023 with her single ‘No Days Off,’ a captivating fusion of Jersey music and Afrobeats that showcased her exceptional ability to push the boundaries of her talent.

Now, the multi-award-winning artist is gearing up to release her second single of the year, teasing her followers with a video on her social media platforms. In the footage, Teni can be seen effortlessly singing along to what appears to be another exciting blend of Jersey and Amapiano influences.

Teni has been actively expressing her enthusiasm for her new sound since her return to social media. She confidently claims that her craft surpasses that of other artists, highlighting her distinctiveness in an Instagram live video. In a tweet, she urges her fans to embrace her creative evolution, as she boldly announces the departure of the Teni they once knew.

While no official release date has been announced for Teni’s upcoming single, her devoted fans eagerly anticipate this next step in her ongoing artistic rebrand. Get ready to join Teni on an exciting new journey as she continues to push musical boundaries and assert her unique presence in the industry.

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