TomTom unveils Breathe Academy: A game-changing platform for music creatives

TomTom Candy, Nigeria’s favourite menthol brand, under Cadbury Nigeria Plc (a subsidiary of Mondelēz International), has officially launched Breathe Academy, a learning management platform for music creatives and enthusiasts.
The launch event, which took place at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, featured music performances from up-and-coming artistes, a live demo of the web platform, and a Q&A section. The platform was officially launched by the Managing Director, Cadbury West Africa, Oyeyimika Adeboye. In attendance were representatives from Cadbury West Africa, experts from the music and entertainment sector, and young music enthusiasts.
Oyeyimika Adeboye, affirmed the company’s commitment to supporting young people in making a success of their creative inclinations. “TomTom is not just a refreshing mint candy, but a brand that recognises its social responsibility, with visible impact. Breathe Academy is an investment by Cadbury Nigeria Plc as our commitment to nurturing the next generation of music-industry trailblazers. We are ecstatic to provide a platform that not only imparts knowledge, but also fosters creativity, community, and success.”

Breathe Academy, which has been designed for music creatives between the ages of 18 and 34, provides access to real-time online learning and a comprehensive curriculum covering various facets of the music business. Students will delve into the art of songwriting; master the intricacies of music production; unlock the secrets of effective artist management; and discover the latest trends in music marketing.

In addition to its online offering, Breathe Academy will partner with music stakeholders across the value chain, including record labels and creative management firms, to provide added value to its users, including exclusive access to experienced music executives and stakeholders, depending on defined selection criteria.

Breathe Academy was borne out of TomTom’s commitment to discover, nurture and showcase music talent through its ‘Breathe for It’ platform. Some notable winners and beneficiaries of its activities include; Mani Lapush and Hayzee who participated in its 2021 Verse Challenge.
TomTom continues to support the growth of music talent through Breathe Academy, strategic partnerships and sponsorship of events, such as the Clout Talk Concert, Ric Hassani Live, Pulse Fiesta, Vector’s Album Listening Party, DJ Consequence’s ‘Vibe of the Year’ party, and the 2022 MTV Base Cypher.

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