Apple Music Spotlights Women Shaping Amapiano in August Celebration

Apple Music is dedicating the month of August to shine a spotlight on the influential women driving the Amapiano movement, a genre taking the world by storm.

Amapiano, the bass-heavy, jazz-infused dance sub-genre, originated from South African street and youth culture in the late 2010s. This genre has not only risen meteorically but has also provided a platform for women to thrive, despite the predominantly male-dominated landscape of dance music.

Prominent figures such as DJ and producer Uncle Waffles, singer-songwriter Nkosazana Daughter, and DJ-producer DBN Gogo have shaped the genre’s evolution, producing iconic songs that have propelled Amapiano to global recognition.

Uncle Waffles expresses elation at sharing Amapiano with a worldwide audience, Nkosazana Daughter sees her music as a soothing remedy, and DBN Gogo is dedicated to representing South Africa globally while spreading the joy of Amapiano beyond borders.

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