Rolling Stone lists Blaqbonez among rappers shaping the future of Hip Hop

Chocolate City’s forefront Hip-Hop artist Blaqbonez has been honored as a groundbreaking innovator, earning a coveted spot on Rolling Stone’s exclusive list of 50 Hip-Hop Innovators shaping the culture.

Since breaking into the mainstream, Blaqbonez has become one of the stars shaping Nigerian Hip Hop through his distinct flows, thrilling personality, and sheer drive.

Starting as a sharp-talking rapper who doesn’t shy away from a face-off, Blaqbonez would go on to sign for Chocolate City consistently pushed not only the boundaries of his artistry but also Nigerian Hip-Hop as he blends different genres to add much-needed excitement to the genre relentlessly churning out impressive body of works and boldly marketing his craft with his unique sense of humor and creativity.

His inclusion in Rolling Stone’s list is a testament to his exceptional talent, dedication, and notable contributions to Nigerian and African Hip-Hop.

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