Superstar, Asake thrills fan at Scotia Bank Arena

On April 12, 2024, Mr. Money electrified the sold-out crowd at Scotia Bank Arena in Canada with his infectious vibes. Asake, sporting a fresh new haircut and brimming with energy, took the stage and captivated the audience.

Donning his Raptor 6 jersey, he connected intimately with his fans, even stepping off stage to sing among them. His star power was undeniable as he filled every seat in the 19,800-capacity arena. He sold out the 19,800-seater arena in Canada. This year has been a monumental one for Asake, marking the beginning of something extraordinary. Recognized for his exceptional creativity, he was honored with the prestigious GQ Magazine Creativity Award and headlined the Promiseland Fest alongside a constellation of African luminaries.

He delighted his fans by showering them with money, sharing warm hugs, and generously gifting one lucky individual with his jersey vest. Amidst the excitement, he also treated the audience to a special performance of an unreleased song, adding an element of surprise to the evening.

He performed his most popular hits such as Joha, Happiness, and others.

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