Tems, Wizkid and Justin Bieber deliver ‘Essence’ remix’s first performance at Coachella 2024

Tems, Wizkid and Justin Bieber stole the spotlight at Coachella 2024 as the three stars took to the stage to perform the remix of the multi-platinum song ‘Essence.’

Following an initial hint of a possible surprise during her set at Coachella 2024, multiple award-winning singer and performer Tems lived up to the expectations of fans when she was joined on stage by Wizkid and Justin Bieber to perform the remix of Essence together for the first time.

Fans had been thrilled with the experience on the second day of Coachella 2024, as they had been surprised by the unexpected addition on stage. This was Justin Bieber’s first performance in 2024 as well as that of Wizkid on a major stage in the US as well.

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