Award-winning Singer, Simi Returns with Emotive Ballad ‘Stranger’

Renowned Nigerian Afropop singer and producer, Simi, makes a triumphant comeback with her latest single, ‘Stranger’. This heartfelt ballad showcases Simi’s emotive voice, poignant songwriting, and is accompanied by captivating piano arrangements and a beautiful string section.

‘Stranger’ is a captivating pop-soul masterpiece, written, composed, and engineered by Simi herself, with production credits going to the talented Louddaa. The song delves into the profound influence of love and how it can lead us to unexpected behaviors in our relationships.

Simi’s upcoming participation in Grammy Award-winning superstar Alicia Keys’ ‘Keys To The Summer’ North American tour in July has also been recently announced. As anticipation builds, Simi opens up about her inspiration for ‘Stranger,’ describing it as a narrative exploring the risks and consequences of love. Love brings both immense joy and profound pain, and the song beautifully narrates the experiences of someone who has loved and suffered as a result.

Simi is hailed as one of the driving forces behind Nigeria’s new Afropop wave and is widely recognized as one of the most distinctive female voices in African music today. With a successful career on the continent, Simi has released five highly acclaimed projects, including a Billboard world chart top 5 album, and has delivered unforgettable classics such as ‘Duduke’ and ‘Joromi’. Her return with ‘Stranger’ promises to captivate listeners once again with her undeniable talent and heartfelt artistry.

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