Bloody Civilian Releases Captivating Debut EP ‘Anger Management’

Bloody Civilian, a Nigerian multihyphenate, has unveiled her highly anticipated debut EP titled ‘Anger Management’, showcasing her unique style and adding excitement to the Nigerian music industry.

‘Anger Management’ serves as a perfect introduction to an artist with a distinct creative and sonic vision. The EP features previously released singles such as ‘How To Kill A Man’ and ‘I Don’t Like You’, which dominated Nigeria’s Turntable Top Alternative/Dancehall Chart at number one for two weeks. Additionally, her latest release, ‘Escapism’, is included, creating a fusion of electronic, jersey club, Afrobeats, pop, and Amapiano, resulting in a truly unique musical experience. With subversive, sharp, and witty lyrics, Bloody Civilian explores topics ranging from relationship frustrations to female empowerment and dissatisfaction with government corruption.

Accompanying the EP is the remarkable music video for ‘Mad Apology’, shot in Lagos and directed by Alté superstar Cruel Santino. The candid, relaxed, and fun video serves as the first of two video collaborations between Bloody Civilian and Cruel Santino, providing a glimpse into her preparation for the ultimate party in part two.

Be sure to stream ‘Anger Management’ on your preferred digital streaming platform and witness the talent of Bloody Civilian, who is poised to shape the future of Afrobeats.

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