Savage Drops Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album ‘That Uzere Boy’ Featuring Stellar Collaborations

Afrobeats sensation Savage has finally released his much-awaited sophomore album, ‘That Uzere Boy’. Packed with 13 captivating tracks, the album showcases Savage’s diverse talent and proudly highlights his Edo heritage.

In this album, Savage collaborates with an impressive lineup of talented artists including DJ Maphorisa, Psycho YP, Wurld, King Perry, J Molley, Alpha P, Will Guttens, and Victony, with whom he previously joined forces for their hit partnership on ‘Rosemary’.

Building on his previous mainstream hits like ‘Confident’ featuring BNXN, Savage returns to the music scene with ‘That Uzere Boy’ to further cement his unique sound and cultural roots. Each track on the album offers a different glimpse into his artistic versatility, as he effortlessly navigates various genres while staying true to his identity.

From the opening track, where he expresses gratitude and incorporates cultural elements through a sample of his mother’s voice, to the catchy melodies and swaggering flow on tracks like ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Majo’ featuring South African hitmakers Blxckie and DJ Maphorisa, Savage’s talent shines through.

Whether he delves into Swing on the chest-thumping ‘Oil’ or explores themes of heartbreak in ‘Vanity’, Savage’s writing, delivery, and tone reflect his cultural identity and create a relatable experience for listeners.

‘That Uzere Boy’ not only showcases Savage’s ability to seamlessly shift between Afropop, Amapiano, and Swing but also highlights his collaborative spirit as he joins forces with artists who bring their unique cadences to the mix.

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